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TOM logo T.O.M. the Telephone Butler STOPS ALL Robocalls and Telemarketers!

Take back control of your telephone and let T.O.M. the Telephone Butler screen your in-coming calls and announce only the callers you allow...

Protect your privacy from being interrupted and know who is calling and who it is for, without having to stop what you are doing...

Your Telephone Butler is accessible to serve you from any extension at anytime with helpful information...

Perfect to protect the elderly from scammers...
A valuable asset to the visually impaired...

TOM is an acronym for Telephone Operations Manager.
You fight fire with fire, you fight robots with robots, TOM is your robot telephone servant.

TOM does not use the monthly expense of Caller-ID to function.
The burden is on the caller to enter a callback number.
If you can't look that number up in a reverse directory it's not worth calling back.
Caller-ID can be "spoofed" to display anything, just Google: Spoofing Caller-ID.
The production version will also record and announce Caller-ID as an option.

Not only does TOM stop all telemarketers and only announces the callers you allow,
but TOM is always on-duty to control and report information back to you with 2 or 3 keys.
Here is the "Quick Menu" controlled reports that your butler will provide to you, as it stands:

  • Press "01" = Current Time
  • Press "02" = Current Date
  • Press "03" = Room Temperature
  • Press "04" = Sing Daisy Bell
  • Press "05" = Pick Powerball Numbers
  • (06-09 can be passcode protected)
  • Press "06" = Relay Status & Control
  • Press "07" = Last Number Dialed Out
  • Press "08" = Last Caller & Member
  • Press "09" = Last Number Left by Caller
( This MENU is subject to change )

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Here is a YouTube video of me calling and interacting with T.O.M.:

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Or call 1.707.444.9650 and ask for a demo of the prototype.

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